Monday, July 6, 2015

Soul Winning Testimonies - Job Restored Via Soul Winning

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God of Wonder-Double is faithful. My family has been committed to the Prophetic Agenda. I went for the District Outreach as instructed on the 20th of June 2015; although I did not know what to say when I meet the People, all I did was write my Phone Number at the back of the Hand-Bills in case someone needs to contact me.
It was during the Mid-Week Service that one of the People I gave the Hand-Bills to meet me after close of the Meeting that she had tried my number but it did not go through but she found her way to the Church.
Before then, my Husband had made a Mistake at his Place of Work that cost them thousands of Naira and he was released; we have been believing God for his restoration via soul winning. To the glory of God while on the go for Jesus the Establishment called and told him to resume back to work. Just like that! Saving God pays!
 --------Mrs Abraham Mary.