Thursday, December 17, 2015

Testimony - Employee Turned To A CEO

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I came into this country mid last year, and life was really difficult for me. I joined the church and rededicated my life to Christ. I began serving God with my whole heart and never missed Church for one day for any reason whatsoever.

I got a job miraculously just as I told God to give me a job that will not hinder me for serving him. After working for three months, my boss called me and informed he would like to sell the business. I thought within me where will I get another job if he sells this business place. He asked me if I would like to buy the business. Yes, I replied but the money was not there. He gave me a dead line for the payment and if I could not meet up he will consider another offer. 

I turned to God at the covenant hour of prayer for favour. It was as if nothing would happen but God showed up just a day to the deadline with miracle supplies, I called him, made the payment and the change of ownership document have been completed. 

I returned the glory to God for distinguishing me in the same land where many have lived for years without having anything to show, but in less than a year of joining this church and rededicating my life to Christ God as made me a business owner

Truly serving God pays.
Abraham Sesay.