Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Testimony - Foot Bone Curve Healed Via Feet Washing and High Praise

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Due to training on hard surface ground, I was diagnosed with foot bone curve. It shut me out of games as a soccer player. I depended on Dunlop or foam shoe to walk. I was dejected and tired in my spirit. 

I refused surgical operation because the doctor told me I will never be able to play soccer again after the surgery, but I will be able to walk to any distance. 

I could not endure the pains, I was introduced to another French doctor, he prescribed an injection to ease my pains but he said, it will only last for 6 months to 1 year; definitely, I must come back for another injection. When the sixth months elapsed. 

I started feeling pains and discomfort in my foot. It was during the midst of the year 1 night with the king July 2013. I did not know what to do when papa ask everyone to prepare for feet washing, I had never practiced it before. I rushed to the bathroom, pour water into a bowl, I brought it out in front of my computer and washed my legs inside it. 

Papa declared for high praise with dance, I was moved in my spirit to dance despite the excruciating foot pains. I engaged in a "madman" dance with one and half foot, the sweat from my body that drop to the floor was enough to bath a small baby.

A week later, I discovered that I can put my foot on the ground without Dunlop shoe. I can run with no more pains. I started training without any pain relief medication. 

I waited for months to see if my foot curve only hides, but hallelujah to God of my father Bishop Oyedepo, the foot curve straightened back. 

Doctor gave me 6-month pain reliever, God gave me instant healing forever it is two years after, I am still fit.