Saturday, December 5, 2015


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Elisha Was Mentored By Elijah A Fatherly Prophet And At The End, He Was Imparted With Double The Anointing of Elijah.
Surprisingly, Elisha Started His Ministry By Killing 42 Sons of Prophets - 2 Kings 2:23-24. His Principle Protégée Gehazi, Ended As a Leper, Courtesy of Elisha His Highly Anointed Mentor. - 2 Kings 5:27.
Elisha Ministry Ended With A Curse From His Own Mouth. No Matter Your Anointing, The Next Generation of Prophets is Important.

David Mentored Solomon To Become A Powerful Wealthy King.
But, Solomon Having Many Wives Did Not Mentor His Son Rehoboam, And Rehoboam Watched As Israel Was Split into Two and He Was Only Left With Two Tribes. - I Kings 12:1-17

Peter Denied His Master Jesus Christ Three Times In One Night. Yet, Jesus Called Him a Rock and Established His Church On That Rock