Wednesday, November 4, 2015


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Heaven on Earth greetings in Jesus’ name.
As we all know, our God specializes in doing new things over and again – Is. 43:19/Lam. 3:22-33
Again, we understand that by redemption, we are ordained for continuous and unending progress – Pro. 4:18
We also understand that God is committed to our continuous change of levels as His children– Ps. 84:7

Furthermore, we understand that all the forces that engender change of levels grow and that there is no end to the growth of all spiritual forces responsible for our change of story.

For example, some of the ever-growing forces responsible for our translation from glory to glory include:

§ The Force of Vision, but there is no end to seeing farther– Gen. 13:14-15/ Hos. 12:10
§ The Force of Faith, but there is no end to developing one’s faith – 2Thess. 1:3/ Jn. 14:12
§ The Force of Revelation, but there is no end to growing in revelation– 2Cor. 3:18/ 1Cor. 8:1-2
§ The Force of Wisdom, but there is no end to growing in wisdom – Rom. 11:33/ Matt. 12:42
§ The Force of Love, but there is no end to growing in love – Eph. 3:17-19/ 1Cor. 2:9
§ The Anointing of the Holy Spirit, but there is no end to growing in the anointing – Ezek. 47:1-7/ Jn. 3:34
All of the above implies that:

Ø There is no end to change of levels in God’s agenda for His people – Is. 43:18-19/ Deut. 28:1-13

Ø There is no end to change of levels for the redeemed – Pro. 4:18/ Rom. 5:1
This is because:

ü As we grow in revelation, we scale new heights – 2Cor. 3:18/ Is. 60:1-22

ü As we grow in love, we spring new surprises – Eph. 3:17-19/ 1Cor. 2:9

ü As we grow in wisdom, we grow in impact – Rom. 11:33/ Matt. 13:54

ü As we grow in the anointing, we grow in exploits– Ezek. 47:1-7/Joel 2:23-26

This is why, there is no end to Next Levels for the Redeemed – Pro. 4:18/ Jn. 14:12

          Indeed, there is no end to being translated from glory to glory, as we remain committed to walking in the ever-increasing light we access from scriptures.
          Therefore, the prophetic theme for Shiloh 2015 is:


          We areall expected to get set to access new depth of insight, empowering us to breaknew grounds, scale new heights, break limits into greater realms of glory, resulting in the rise of giants at Shiloh 2015.

          But according to scriptures, we can only be full beneficiaries of Shiloh 2015 if we fully engage in the spiritual preparations required for its maximum impact because the husbandman that labours is ordained to be the first partaker of the fruit – 2Tim. 2:6

Remain ever blessed.

Jesus is Lord!

David O. Oyedepo