Monday, April 3, 2017

Prophetic Focus - April 2017 - In the Days of Famine, I shall be Satisfied –Ps 37:18-19

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My Case is Different greetings to you all in Jesus’ name.

I strongly believe that every Winner must have experienced unique encounters with the wisdom from above all through the month of March 2017 and may these divine encounters continue to speak all through the remaining days of our lives as individuals in Jesus’ name.Amen

But what is the Holy Ghost saying for the month of April 2017?
On the 26th August 1987, while away on a mission trip to the United States the Holy Ghost instructed me saying, “Get back home and make my people rich”.
This is why I believe, that the subject of financial prosperity is not just a doctrine in this commission, but a divine mandate. I have no doubt that ever since this mandate was delivered, innumerable multitudesaround the world must have been brought out of the dungeon of poverty, lack and want into realms offinancial fortune to the glory of God.
However, as we are all aware, the world is presently facing the worst global economic challenges in history, but God has a plan in place to exempt His people as He did for the Israelites in the land of Egypt. It was recorded that things were so bad in those days to the point that people willingly offered themselves for salejust to have food to eat.While Egypt was facing severe famine and economic meltdown, Israel was divinely exempted from the economic woes of the time.– Gen. 47:15-27 Image result for image of Bishop David Oyedepo
This goes to establish the fact that God will always exempt His people in the time of trouble – Is. 43:1-2
We saw another graphic illustration of exemption in scriptures, where prophet Malachi called God’s people back to covenant practice of tithing and offering, so as to keep the windows of heaven opened for continuous supplies and to rebuke the devourer for their sakes. He further spoke of economic woes that shall be coming upon the earth, but that God’s covenant people shall be supernaturally exempted from being affected – Mal. 3:6-18/ Mal. 4:1-2
From the two instances here listed, that God is committed to exempt His covenant people from these hard times.
Therefore, the prophetic focus for the month of April 2017 is:

In the Days of Famine, I shall be Satisfied –Ps 37:18-19

All through this month,we shall be exploring the secret of supernatural blessings in hard times. We must all therefore get spiritually set to access the realms of financial fortune this month, that will keep speaking all through the remaining days of our lives.

May we all receive grace to be steadfast in our covenant practice of seed time and harvest, so that we shall begin to enjoyfinancial favourthat will differentiate us from the rest of the world – Deut. 8:18

Recommended books of the month authored by me include:
*Understanding Financial Prosperity, 
* Breaking Financial Hardship, 
* Covenant Wealth. 
*Hidden Covenants of Blessing
Remain ever blessed!

Jesus is Lord!

Bishop David O. Oyedepo