Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Testimony - Fibroid Miraculously Healed Via Praise

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Heaven on Earth, early this year I went for a scan due to pains I felt in my lower abdomen, the doctor said I had fibroid hence the reason for the pain, ever since then I have been believing God for my healing. 

Last week at the first service Papa read the testimony of the man who vomited a padlock and three keys, he got his healing by taking the communion with a different approach, that is, he gave thanks before he took the communion, Papa then told us to praise God in a dance, in other words, we should go mad for God in a dance before, during and after taking the communion and I danced like never before, I didn't care for anyone around me, I danced as if it were just me and God in a room and that same night God visited me in dream and confirmed my healing. 

I went back to the hospital for a scan, the doctor checked again and again but couldn't find fibroid. I return all the Glory to God for indeed praise triggers fulfilment of prophecy. God reverted the negative medical verdict against me for a testimony.  

Ereyitomi Esigbone