Monday, July 28, 2014

Blessed Of The Lord - Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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Let's lift our hands to the Almighty God and bless His holy name; let's praised the King of kings, the Lord of l ords, let us worship the Ancient of days, let us give Him glory, let's give Him honor, and give Him adoration. 
He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, He is worthy to be magnified, there is no one like Him, bless His holy name.
Praise Him, give Him glory, give Him honor.... In Jesus mighty name we worshiped.
Father, in a very special way please visit me tonight... in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
I will praise Him from everlasting
Everlasting to everlasting
I will praise Him from everlasting
Everlasting to Everlasting.
Jesus Christ is King, from everlasting
Everlasting to everlasting
I will bless Him from everlasting
Everlasting to Everlasting.
Jesus Christ Lord, from everlasting
Everlasting to everlasting
Jesus Christ free from everlasting
Everlasting to everlasting
I will serve Him from everlasting
Everlasting to Everlasting.
from everlasting to everlasting
Everlasting to everlasting
From everlasting,
Everlasting to everlasting
From everlasting, everlasting to everlasting

King of glory, the Lord, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, the Lord of host, the God of January, the God of February, the God of March, the God of May, the God of April, the God of June, the God of July. Glory be to your holy name.
Father, glory be to your holy name, thank you for all you for all you've done for us since the beginning of the year, thank you for bringing us to the second half of this year.
Thank you because you who kept us during the first half will keep us during the second half.
Accept our thanks in Jesus name.
Tonight like never before visit your children. All those who are here and those who watching by the internet, those who are listening by Radio, those who are watching by television, every one of us, God will bless us inside and out.
Like you have never done before; Father bless us. Visit us in a very special way and let your name be glorified tonight.
Shake hands with one or two people and say God will bless you inside out.
Father Almighty, I want to commit into your hands all your children born in the month of July, in the month of perfection. Everything concerning them perfect oh Lord; perfect their health, Perfect their joy, perfect their peace.
In their homes let there be perfection, in their business let there be perfection, in their Churches let there be perfection.
Everything they touch let it be perfectly successful, anytime they call on you answer them perfectly.
And please Lord, let them serve you perfectly and let their joy last forever.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Children of July congratulations, God bless you.
We would love to announce to you that by the grace of God our Convention is around the corner.
The annual convention will be next month from 4th -10th of August. As a result there will be no Holy Ghost Service, on the first Friday of next month because the Holy Ghost Service will take place during the convention on the 8th of August by the grace of God.
The theme for this year's convention is The HOLYS PIRIT.
Now our Annual Convention is a very special period and seriously speaking, it is actually meant for the members of the Church.
During the convention is when we seat down to discuss some heavy things in the word of God. So the convention is not an outreach, it is something meant for those who are already in the Lord who wants to grow.
So it's not the time for joking, it's the time for serious business.
That is when we discuss topic like dedication, concentration, restitution, deeper meaning of anointing, fasting, praying in the deepest sense of the word.
So the convention is not for those who are jokers.
So tell your friends if they are not coming for serious business, they should please stay at home.
You will say what kind of announcement is this?
You know me, I always tell you the truth, the convention is meant for serious minded people, people who really mean business with God.
Anyone who wants to come and just talk, joke and play around should stay home.
They can always watch on television, but those who are serious with God, those who wants to make heaven at all cost, they are the people who should come.
Let me ask you, are you sure you will come?
You see, the answer is not loud.
The convention is for serious minded people.
Now we are going to discuss The Holy Spirit, that is one of the heaviest topics in the Bible.
Every miracle that Jesus perform, He performed through the power of the Holy Spirit, Act 10 v 38 says how God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power who went about doing good, healing all that was oppressed of the devil for God was with Him.
Until the Holy Ghost came on Jesus Christ He didn't perform a miracle.
So you can imagine then when we to discuss the Holy Spirit alone, miracles are likely to be colliding per second, per second that is why we don't want jokers around.
Demons will be flying out, yokes will be destroyed, because you know when we talk about the Holy Spirit, you are going to be talking about the anointing.
We are talking about power. The Bible says you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you, a very serious period.
So, if you don't mean business with God please don't come. But if you mean business and you come during the convention, I can guarantee you one thing; by the time you are going back home, you will be singing a new song.
And you are likely to be singing the song in tongues.
I will be looking forward to seeing you, and as usual accommodation is free, feeding is free by the special grace of God, our God will provide.
Proverbs 10 v 22 the blessing of the Lord; it makes rich and it added no sorrow with it.
Two most powerful forces on earth are blessings and curses.
One is the opposite of the other.
Blessings and curses, particularly when we are talking about divine blessings and divine curses, they are the two most powerful forces on earth.
Psalm 37 v 22 says such as is blessed of the Lord shall inherit the earth, but they that be cursed of Him shall be cut off.
Very serious thought; it says if God blesses you, you shall inherit the earth.
Meaning what?
Anything you want on earth you can have it if God blesses you.
That is why I am amazed whenever I come across some of my children and they say Daddy pray for us, and I say God bless you. And they still say pray! Ah, I have prayed the greatest prayer anybody can pray for you, because If God blesses you, your problems are over.
If you are blessed of the Lord you shall inherit the earth. That is what the word says, it means anything on earth that you want, you can have it.
But then it turns back to say if God curses some one that fellow shall be cut off. In other words, the one that is cursed of God, sooner than later shall become desolate.
So let me start this evening by saying to all who are true children of God all over the world, God bless you.
When we talk about these two extremely powerful forces, let's look at what happens when a man curses another man.
I am talking about man to man now, we will come to God later.
If a man curses another man for a justifiable reason, and I will explain that as we go along, the curse begins to work immediately.
Maybe I should explain; what is a curse?
A curse is an invitation to all forces in heaven, on earth, underneath the earth to work against somebody until they finally destroy him.
So when somebody is cursed, angels will work against the fellow, demons will work against the fellow, ordinary water will work against the fellow.
I give you an example very quickly from the scripture, Genesis 31 v 31-32 Jacob was running away from Naaman after he has cleared the live stock of the man, and Neman pursued him and caught up with him.
And said, okay, if you are running away, why must you run away with my idols?
I know you have taken my daughters; you have taken my flocks, why do you have to run away with my idols?
Jacob said "your idols?
I didn't steal your idols.
He said whoever stole your idol shall die.
Now he didn't know that Rachael his wife stole the idol. They searched the tent and Rachael sat on the idol.
She told her father the reason why I didn't stand up is because my period is here.
So they didn't find the idol.
Jacob was angry with Neman; "you accused me falsely, whoever stole your idol shall die!
He didn't know that the wife stole the Idol.
What happened?
Genesis 35 v 16-19 the next pregnancy of Rachael, on the day of delivery she died.
Because the husband has pronounced the curse; who ever stole the idol of Neman shall die.
I pray for everyone here today under any curse whatsoever, may the Almighty God cancel the curse for you.
I tell you a true story which I heard when I was very young.
An old man was going to his farm and because he was old, he was bent double, walking with walking stick and leaping a little.
And one stupid young man saw the old man and began to laugh at him:
 "look at him, bent double leaping:
And the old man said
"what have I done to you, why are you laughing at me?"
And the young man said
"why shouldn't I laugh, what can you do?"
 The old man said
"okay, I am too feeble to run after you, too feeble to fight you, but the basket is never satisfied with water".
That is all the old man said; suddenly the young man found that he was terribly thirty.
He stopped at the first hut,
"I am thirsty will you please give me some water?"
They gave him plenty of water, He drank and drank.
He continued on the journey, he soon discovered he was thirsty, he stopped at the second hut and drank and drank, after some time he returned to where he got the first water, and they said
 "considering the amount of water you already took in, something must be wrong".
What is wrong with you?
He said "one old man said the basket is never satisfied with water"
They said ha!
They asked him to describe the man; they located the man, they begged the man and the man said
"alright from now on, you will cease to be the basket and you can begin to have satisfaction".
I pray for all of you who have received a curse either from your mother or from your father, or from somebody that you offended for no reason every curse on you shall be destroyed tonight.
Now I have always told us, at least those of you who are old; that if your father, biological father, curses you, and you run to your spiritual father, who has a spiritual authority over you, he can cancel the curse.
If your pastor curses you, you can run to the man who ordained him; the General overseer, he can cancel the curse and ask you of course to restitute your ways.
If the general overseer curses you, maybe, by the time you fasted about thirty days and thirty nights and you are almost dying, If you cry to Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ may say that is alright, I will speak to my son and God can cancel the curse.
But like the man who took the offering said; if God curses you, to whom will you run? Because there is no one that is greater than Him.
When you go through the scriptures and you see those who have been cursed by God you will run from the curse of the Lord.
You can start from Cain who was supposed to be the first born of the whole earth, he ended up a vagabond.
But you could just take one little example in Mark 11 v 12-14 Jesus cursed a fig tree.
He said because you pretend to have fruit but you have none, no man shall eat fruit of you ever again, by the time we got to Mark 11 v 20-22 by the following day the tree was already completely overturned.
When God curses; it works from the very root upwards.
So tonight everything that is not of God in your life, in the Name that is above every other name I cursed it tonight.
I visited one of our States some years ago, I won't mention the name of the State but in the capital of the State, there was no pipe borne water.
And the state was surrounded by mighty rivers, so I said how can this be?
And I made some investigation and they say
"sir, there is a tree in the centre of the town, they had to build road around it. Because they say the tree must not be pull down, that tree stayed there and nothing good ever happened in that town"
I said "is that so?"
They said " yes"
I said, no problem we are here! And I cursed that tree in the name of the Lord. That night there was a storm, by the following morning the tree was uprooted completely.
Every evil tree in your life, every evil tree in your village, every evil tree in your family, every evil tree in your place of work shall be cursed tonight in Jesus name.
Now let's move to blessing:
Because that is really where we are going because you can't understand blessing until you know what a curse is.
When a man is blessed, what does it mean?
A blessing is an invitation to all forces; forces in heaven, forces on earth, forces underneath the earth to corporate with a man to help him to succeed.
If you read Genesis 27 v 20 -29 when Isaac was blessing Jacob, he said even the dew of heaven will help you.
He said, even the land will help him, all forces in heaven, on earth, underneath the earth are summoned to assist somebody to succeed.
As a result of that blessing of Jacob, the Bible said in Genesis 30 v 43 it said, the man became exceedingly great.
Esau who got just a remnant blessing from his father in Genesis 27 v 38-40 the Bible says Jacob had already come, he had collected the cream of the blessings.
Then Esau came and he said
 "My father, don't you have a blessing left, don't you have a remnant?"
His father said
"Okay, I give you remnant but I have already made him your lord you are going to serve him there is nothing you can do about that".
But I have a remnant for you, so he pronounced remnant blessing on Esau.
What is the result?
Genesis 32 v 3-6 the man who got a remnant blessing ended up having the bodygard of 400 men.
Now that is something else. If you are so wealthy, so rich that you need four hundred men to go with you wherever you go, that is something.
I remembered the first time a president visited us here, he came with 250 entourage. And that is a president.
Now if you have to go somewhere and you go with four hundred men as your entourage, I think that must be something special.
And, I am saying to someone here very soon when you have to travel in the Name that is above every other name; you will need a 747 to take your entourage.
Now let me say very quickly that when you are blessed, it will not make sense to you how the blessing can come to pass. You need to take note of that!
So when I say what I have just said and you look at yourself; maybe you don't even have a bicycle now and we are talking about a day coming, when, whenever you are travelling you will need a 747 to carry those who will follow you.
It won't make sense to you but that is what blessings do.
I have told at least those of you who are old enough to remember; that I am where I am today by the grace of God and by the blessings of my mother.
Anytime I did something that please her, she will say
 "You this boy, you will call one person, two hundred will answer".
I didn't know what she meant, I didn't know how that can happen, I always say amen of course.
Today by the grace of God, if I turn to my right and I say pastor come, and if I don't mention any name. How many people do you think will be running?
I am saying to somebody here today too, you will call on one fellow one thousand will answer.
Last night, as I was in the prayer room, God reminded me of an incident that happened in 1961 and I am telling you this to encourage you.
There was an old man living in our house. I mean we were living in the same house.
He rented a room, we rented a room.
And he was in great need. I didn't have much money in 1961; I was just an ordinary teacher in a modern school.
But when you compare poverty to poverty; one poverty, beats another.
So even out of my own poverty I give him something.
And he was so touched that he pronounce a blessing on me.
Now, what he said then didn't make any sense to me at all, he said
"You this boy a day is coming, when you will be travelling abroad like people go to the market".
What does that mean?
Because in those days, I am talking of 1961; If anybody travels to Britain and returns in my village, the whole village will dance to welcome him back.
Some of the elders here know what am talking about. In those days it is a great thing to say I have "been to". "Been to" means I have been to England that makes you special.
So for somebody to say you will be travelling like somebody going to the market. I wanted to say why he didn't say something that is going to be reasonable.
But I say to somebody here today, the kind of blessing you cannot think possible shall be your portion today in Jesus name.
Now what happens when a man is blessed of God?
It is not a man blessing you now, it is God Himself.
If you read Genesis 1 v 28 you see the first blessing there; God blessed them and said
 "Be fruitful, multiply, subdue the earth, have dominion".
When the Almighty God says be fruitful. That alone is enough; it means your effort will never be fruitless.
Multiply, he didn't say add, he said, multiply. That means if you are two today, by tomorrow you won't just be three, by tomorrow you will probably be twenty, and by next year you will probably be two hundred, by the following year you will be more than twenty thousand.
He said replenish the earth, it means wherever you arrive, restoration comes, whenever you arrive, what is dead will revive, what is empty will begin to fill up. Replenish the earth! Subdue it that means everything will be under your feet.
When I was talking to my children in our morning devotion not too long ago, Pharaoh was talking to Joseph, he said I am Pharaoh; no man will be able to raise his hand, or lift his feet in this land except you say so.
Now that is serious statement that means you are in charge.
I am saying to someone here today, beginning from now, you are in charge; in your family you are in charge, in your office you are in charge. When it comes to finance you are in charge, when it comes to your health you are in charge.
That means witches are no longer in charge, wizards are no longer in charge, your enemies are no longer in charge. Turn to the fellow next to you and say, I am in charge now.
One of the beauties of being blessed by God is that you will become completely immune to man's curses.
Numbers 23 v 8 Balaam said how can I curse who God has not cursed? He said God has bless this people nobody can curse them.
I pray for every one of you here today beginning from now till you see God in glory no man shall be able to curse you again.
I want you to have time to really pray tonight, this is going to be a night you will not forget in a hurry.
God can change a curse to a blessing.
In Deuteronomy 23 v 4-5 it is recorded that when the enemy wanted to place a curse on Israel God changed the curse to a blessing and he said simply because God loved you.
If God loves you and somebody says I am going to curse you, when they open their mouth instead of curses coming out, blessings will be flowing out.
I have always giving this illustration; Genesis 49 v 5-7 the father of Levi was about to die and when is on his death bed and pronounce a curse on his son, you know he was in trouble. He finished pronouncing the curses and then he died.
He said concerning Levi, he said Levi, you will be scattered. He finished the curse and then died.

Then the Almighty God said, well your father said so, he had good reasons for saying so, but I am the Almighty God, so God said in Number 3 v 11-12, He said, Levi, you will be my first born.

Your father says you will be scattered but I say you will be special to me; you will be the one serving me in my temple.

I decree In the name of Jesus Christ every curse pronounce on you by your parents I cancelled them tonight.

But why would God did that?, read Exodus 32 v 25 - 26 the children of Israel, when they waited for Moses and he didn't return on time from where he went to collect the ten commandments.

They began to worship an idol that they made for themselves.

By the time Moses returned, they were stripped naked, they were dancing in front of the idol.

And Moses was angry but he knew that the children of Israel could be very dangerous.

And so before he could punish them he needed help, so he stood at the gate and said:

"Who is on the Lord side let Him come unto me".

And all the children of Levi gathered themselves unto Moses and said we are on the Lord side.

And God looked down from Heaven and said Levi; you say you are on my side?

Then I am on your side.

I am asking somebody here tonight who is on the Lords side?.

I am on the God's side, glory be to God.

You know there are some family in Nigeria who for something that happens generation ago, there was a curse passed down the line.

During the time of intertribal wars, you go a warring and bring in slaves and you can do whatever you like with your slaves.

So a man may marry a woman normally and pick any of the slaves and turn her to a wife.

But the wife who is a slave will not be treated in the same way as a wife who is a free born.

So the story goes that in my own family there was a warrior who went to war brought home a slave.

And the slave wife and the original wife gave birth at the same time and the slave woman was denied salt and oil in her meal.

The proper wife got every treatment.

So the slave pronounce a curse on the family and said;

In this family every child that is born, if the mother should eat salt or oil; if it is a boy for nine days, if it is a girl for first seven days, the child will die.

Some of you who think that is a joke but the curse began to work.

They just discovered that when a boy is born within nine days the boy is died.

For a girl within seven days the girl is dead.

Then, they found out, they check what happened and they traced it to a curse and it became a law in my family.

That when a boy is born, the mother must not taste oil or salt for nine days, for a girl seven days.

That was the way it was when I was born, until I met the Lord Jesus Christ and everything changed.

I am on the Lord side and that old aged taboo was cancelled in a single day.

In the Name that is above every other name, every generational curses that were in your family, as you surrender your life to Jesus Christ, I say they be cancel today.

I was going to say that God can change a blessing to a curse but we will come to that because God said there is someone here tonight, He said there is a saying; the rich befriends the rich, the poor befriends the poor. He asked me to tell you, whoever you are, your circle of friends will change soon.

Daddy says there is someone who is doubting how all these blessing shall come to past, He said I should tell you that very soon you will discover that the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof.

God can change a curse to a blessing but the same God can change a blessing to a curse; no man can change your blessings to a curse, no man can do it, even the one who blesses you can't take it back.

In Genesis 27 v 30-37 when Esau came and said daddy what have you done?

Isaac said, I am sorry, I have already blessed him and he shall be blessed. I didn't know I was blessing the wrong fellow but I can't change the blessing he is already blessed.

But God has the power to change a blessing to a curse if you dishonor Him.

1 Samuel 2 v 30 God said to Eli,
"I said indeed, I am the One who said it, not any other man, that you and your father's house will stand before me forever".

God said, now, I say be it far from it.

He said I changed my mind, and he gave the reason, He said because those who honor Me I will honor.

Tell your neighbor, will you honor God? Very serious question.

 Those who honor Me I will honor. And those who despise Me I will lightly esteem.

I have always told of you who Come to divine encounter that when God ask you to give Him your first fruit, it is not because He is in need, it is a honor.

Honor the Lord with thy first fruit.

Ask your neighbor once again "will you honor God"?

God can change a blessing to a curse. He is the Almighty, He is sovereign.

 I have told some of you too, those of you who are old; you will remember all these cases, am not just bringing them up now. Some of you have heard them before.
A young man came to me, daddy pray for me for a breakthrough I need a major breakthrough.

I said, Will you serve the Lord?
"I will serve Him". Okay Almighty God see this young man zealous, he wants to serve you , bless him. And he said amen.

Some days later he came back excited, sir my landlord said there is a house in Ikoyi to sell, the house is made up of thirteen flats.

He told me to go and sell it and bring in this amount, it doesn't matter how I sell it, all he wants is this amount and what he said he wants is less than half of what the house is worth.

I said congratulations! Your breakthrough has come at last.

"How many flat do you say there are?"

He said "thirteen",

I said "well that means you will give one flat to God",

He said "why?"

I said "the tithe of 13 is 1.3 but since there is no 0.3 of a flat that is why I said 1.

He got angry, he said "that is the troubles with you pastors, he said that is why people should not even share their testimony with you".

I said "please no quarrel, please forgive me".

He said "this is my first breakthrough; this is the very first one".

I said "I am sorry sir".

So he went back, sold the house to prospective buyer and went to meet the landlord with the amount the Landlord required.

"Sir, I have sold the house and I have brought the money"

The Landlord said "which house?"

"The house at number so and so that you ask me to sell".

"me? I ask you to sell my house?"

"Yes sir and you said I should bring you so much;

He said "whoever make the charm for you. if you don't get out of here, you and your herbalist will face music".

 He came back to me and said "daddy please am ready now".

I said leave me out of this it is between you and God. Go and settle with Him.

Those who honor Me I will honor and those who despise Me I will lightly esteem.

I pray in the name of the One who sent me, your blessing will never become a curse.

You have heard me say the story of Ephraim again and again. Genesis 48 v 13 -20 Ephraim was the younger son of Joseph, Manasseh was the elder.

When Jacob was about to bless them; the right hand that was supposed to be on the head of the first born, he placed on the head of the younger one, and place the left hand on the head of the first born.

Joseph said daddy don't do it this way, Jacob said I am being directed by God. He blessed Ephraim gave him a double portion of blessings and gave just one portion to Manasseh.

What happened?