Monday, March 3, 2014



·         Although in all labour there is profit Pro 14:23
·  But Kingdom stewardship stands out as the most profitable of all endeavours in life                             Matt 6:33/ 2Chr 15:12-15
· Particularly, a core spiritual stewardship such as soul winning and discipleship                                     – Jn 15:16/ Dan 12:3
·       Bionically, spiritual stewardship also includes standing in the gap in prayers and intercession for salvation of souls, church growth, establishment of new converts in the faith, fresh anointing upon our Pastors for impactful ministry, signs and wonders in the church etc. etc. Lk 2:37/ Gal. 4:19/ Ps 2:8/ 1Thess 3:1/ Acts 4:30-33/ Col. 4:12

How is Soul Winning the most rewarding?

  • A soul is the most valuable treasure to God on earthJn 3:16/ Matt 16:26/ Rom 8:32
  •  Secondly we understand that every soul winner is on God’s payroll because there is a coin in the mouth of every fish caughtJn 4:35-36/Matt 4:19/ Matt 17:26-27
  • This is why when we commit to serving God and the interest of His Kingdom, we spend our days in prosperity and our years in pleasure – Job 36:11
  • Again, the Bible says he that wins souls is wise and that the wise shall inherit glory. - Pro 11:30/ Pro 3:35
  • Furthermore, it is written; And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.” - Dan 12:3

·         Therefore, when serving God and the interest of His Kingdom becomes our priority for living, we supernaturally enjoy all the good things of life at our disposal –Matt 6:33/ Ps 34:10
For this reason, it is wisdom to be tirelessly committed to spiritual stewardship for a most empowering, enriching and fulfilling adventure in life. – 1Cor 15:58

Jesus is Lord!