Friday, August 10, 2012

That I May Know Him - Philippians 3:7 - 11

Adopted From 60th Annual RCCG convention - Message By Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Pst E, A., Adeboye

Text: Philippians 3: 7- 11

Paul said I want to know Him. Knowledge is power and ignorance is 
destruction. The word of God says my people are destroyed for lack
of knowledge. When Paul who is an apostle says he wants to know Jesus,
where do you stand?

There are many aspects to the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ; 
there is the aspect of Him as the Saviour, there is the aspect of Him 
as the Healer and there is the aspect of Him as the Deliverer. 

What aspect of Him did Paul wants to know? I think he is interested in the 
aspect of Jesus Christ as the Truth. He wanted to know more about the

So we will be talking about the truth here tonight, even though the truth 
can be bitter.

There are three levels of truths:

First. The basic truth, Secondary truth and thirdly a little bit of the higher truth.

Basic truth: Nothing goes for nothing.

The bible tells us clearly that salvation is free, but salvation is free only because someone pays for it 1 John 1 v 7. 
Divine healing is free; but someone paid the price. 

Nothing goes for nothing, that is the pure basic truth. It is possible never to be sick again, in the year of jubilee. 

You can receive your healing and never be sick again. It is possible to enjoy prosperity for the rest of your life 
according to Deuteronomy 28 v 11 - 12.

Secondary truth: There are two powerful forces controlling life; one is called curse, the other is called blessing. 
They both determine what happen to a man. 

What is cause? a curse is an invitation to all forces to work against someone Genesis 29 v 1 4. 
When someone who is under a curse, everything he touches fails and curse flows down like a river.

If it is pronounced on one man, God have mercy on the children. You can ask the people of Jericho 2 kings 2 v 19.

The other force is Blessing; a blessing is a summon to all forces to support somebody and make sure he succeeds. 
When somebody is blessed, every door he knocks opens. 

In Genesis 27: 26- 29 there you see Isaac blessing Jacob. When someone is blessed nobody can stop him, 
a blessing can pick the younger and make him superior to the older Genesis 28: 1- 13, Deuteronomy 33 v 17. 
When you are blessed, enemy that comes before you will fall before you. 

You will be head and not tail. If there is anything you need from your parent before they die, is their blessings:
because Money can finish but blessings open doors.
Higher level truth: The year jubilee is the year of release, it is the year of restitution but we want to hear about
healing, power, prosperity but not restitution. 

Whatever you get that is not yours must be restored. Galatians 6 v 7 whatever you sow you shall reap.
2Coritians 5 v 6, Matthew 13 v 3 -9. If you sow wind you will reap whirlwind. 

The year of jubilee does not mean when you sow you won't reap.   2 Samuel v 1-12. It is only one way to avoid evil
that you have planted and that is if you go to where you plant it and uproot it.

 If you think that seed you sow is gone, then you don't even know the basics law of agriculture. That which you
 sow is waiting in the future unless you can restitute your way 2 Corinthians 11 v 22 - 25.

I will tell you this story, several years ago around 1961, I was a teacher in a particular village, there was a man 
who is very though, when you are passing in front of his house you must be careful, and he has only one daughter. 

One day six boys raped his daughter till she fainted, when he came they told him what happened. People where
waiting for him to act. He asked if his my daughter was alive, they said the girl was alive, what will he do about it, 
he said nothing. He said he is only reaping what he sowed, that when he was young he raped a girl.

Do you have any money you stole, or maneuver return it back otherwise it will destroy your good works.
If you think because nobody sees you, the evil will be forgotten, you are deceiving yourself.

There is something that is not yours that is in your possession, go and restitute to enjoy the year of jubilee 
You took somebody else wife and brought it in your life Genesis12 v 11-20.

Many of us think that we can treat restitution as something trivial, it is not so. Read Mal 3 v 3 - 10

The Almighty God is a merciful God, God is supreme and he will do what he said he would do provided you follow 
his principle. Blessings can be reversed, I can show you several people who got blessed and then they forgot God 
and the blessing became a curse.

Come up higher! 
Anyone who wants to rise must get rid of weight Heb 12 v 1. Sin is a weight, get rid of it and restitute.