Saturday, December 19, 2015


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I have come to return all the glory to God. One faithful morning in September, I was at my usual spot to smoke my depression away as I was an Aye (cult) and was rusticated from place of work due to fraud I was engaged in and my life was in shambles. I was given a flier by a young girl who also invited me to the morning prayers instead of wasting my mornings smoking. 

I started coming for the prayer hour, but I never attended Sunday service as I always gave her excuses, But I discovered my ‘rescuer’ never seized praying for me and always following up on me since she met me. 

After three consecutive Sundays of avoiding her, I decided to come for the last Sunday of September and I couldn't resist but to keep attending. The following Sunday I gave my life to Christ and I noticed the urge to drink and smoke stopped, I wasn't comfortable with my friends anymore and withdrew gradually from them. My thought pattern changed and my life starting having meaning again

I also engaged fully with every instruction given by Papa, I went out for soul winning and ensured I followed up on my contacts, I also engaged in administering the communion and anointing oil. 

My health became fully restored, my infected finger starting healing on its own, I discovered my swollen testis had disappeared and gone back to normal, as I was diagnosed of an infection and have used many drugs and was meant to go for an operation, I don't look older than my age anymore. I am amazed at what my life has become in two months. 

I am rescued from destruction and my life now has a meaning. even my mum and neighbours are amazed at the new me. I thank the God of this commission.  
Felix .U.