Sunday, October 4, 2015


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Heaven on Earth greetings in Jesus’ name.
Jesus once asked the Pharisees, “Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath days or to do evil? to save life or to kill?” – Mk. 3:4
During the earthly ministry of Christ, Saturday, the Sabbath day, was the day of worship. This was the Jewish practice under the Mosaic Law. But today, Sunday being the first day of the week, has become the worship day in commemoration of the day that Christ rose from the dead – Matt. 28:1/ Mk. 16:2/9/ Lk. 24:1-9/ Jn. 20:10
This was further validated by the apostolic practice in the early church after the resurrection where the disciples of Christ usually gathered on the first day of the week being Sunday for worship – Acts 20:7/ 1Cor. 16:2
Therefore, whatever Christ did on the Sabbath day, the same we must have to do on Sundays because we are required to walk in His steps – 1Pet. 2:9
If He went about doing good and healing all those that were oppressed everyday including the Sabbath day, we are expected to do the same today – Acts 10:38
We will recall that:
ü Jesus Christ healed the man with the withered hand on the Sabbath – Matt. 12:10-13
ü Multitudes also came to Christ on the Sabbath day and He healed them all – Matt. 12:14-15
ü Jesus Christ loosed the woman that was bound by the spirit of infirmity for 18 years on the Sabbath day – Lk. 13:13-17
But why go out in search of souls on Sundays?
§  Non-Christians are mostly free on Sundays and majority just hang around whiling away their time, we, therefore, stand to gain uninterrupted audience more on Sundays with such people than any other day. Jehovah witnesses are making the most of this window to get converts into their faith.
§  Most ‘unchurched’ people are much more available on Sundays to listen to the Gospel message, ask their usual questions and subsequently get convicted and converted by the Holy Ghost. We must, therefore, take advantage of Sundays to get them when and where they can be found.
For example; in this part of the world, Saturdays are usually ceremony-packed days while Sundays are worship days for Christians. On the other hand, most unbelievers just lay-by looking for someone to engage them on Sundays, we must go out there to engage them with the truth of the Gospel for their rescue. We must go fishing where the fishes can be found.
Therefore, as disciples of Christ, everyday is a ‘service-acceptable’ day including Sundays. We must endeavour to make the most of this ongoing Rescue Operation by engaging in this new operation tagged ‘SUNDAY GOSPEL RAIDS’ for the 4 Sundays ahead of us.
I see us reaping multitudes of ‘unchurched’ people, traditionalists, cultists and what have you, into the kingdom of Christ as we engage this window of opportunity.
We also recognize that Sundays are the most free days for the working class in an ever-busy city like Lagos. Therefore, our engagement in Sunday Gospel Raids will provide opportunity for all members of the church to be part of this great move of the Spirit in reaching out to the lost in our neighbourhoods, shopping malls, bus stops, etc.
Therefore, we are admonished to go in twos with our covenant partners and this includes spouses going together as a team but we can also go as individuals in partnership with the Holy Ghost – Lk. 10:1/ Mk. 16:20/ Acts 1:8.
The testimony of one Florence Udoh validates the blessedness of being on the go on Sundays and as an individual:
“I got married on February 27, 2010. I believed God for the fruit of the womb, but it wasn’t forthcoming.
In July 2011, we had seven weeks of harvest, which I participated in. During that time, my aunt called me and said that one of her friends reported me to her. She told her that I disturbed them in the neighbourhood with my preaching.
She added that on Sundays, instead of going home after church, I go from house-to-house preaching. She even said that if what I preached was really true, then why has God not given me a child? So I said, ‘God you have heard it, they are talking to you.’ During my quiet time, God gave me a word from Jeremiah 32 verse 27, which says: ‘I am the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me to do?’
On the last week of the seven weeks of harvest, I couldn’t participate in the outreach because indeed the symptoms of pregnancy had already started showing. God surprised those people who mocked me. Today, I have a wonderful baby! Praise the Lord!”
Every one of us is required to give Christ a minimum of one hour of his time on Sundays to share the good news with the unsaved, plucking them, as it were, out of fire. This should be after service on Sundays except for those who attend later services, who may choose to go before the service.
We have only 4 effective Sundays more to go on this Operation Rescue Agenda; we must all endeavour to make the most of this divine opportunity both as a proof of our love for God and the advancement of His kingdom.
Remember, each one is targeting 12 standing souls for Christ in Operation Rescue Agenda 2015.
We should all expect our rewards as we engage productively in this operation.

Remain ever blessed.

Jesus is Lord!

David O. Oyedepo
President and Founder,
Winners’ Chapel International