Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Church Planting - 10 Common Mistakes That Occurs Due To Hurry

Here are 10 common mistakes that often occur when Church Planters hurry their church plant:
  1. They plan an event and develop a team of event planners instead of planting a church with a team of ministry leaders.
  2. They introduce ineffective pathways for assimilation and discipleship.
  3. They plant without the resources needed to be successful.
  4. They don’t hear God’s voice (no time to listen).
  5. They allow church planting to become a task and not a spiritual adventure.
  6. They tend to make uninformed and rushed decisions that aren’t in the best short and long-term interest of the church.
  7. They end up planting a worship service instead of planting the Gospel and a church.
  8. They plant a church that looks nothing like the church they wanted to plant.
  9. They alienate others form joining in the process.
  10. They plant a church with an unhealthy genesis and foundation.