Monday, December 28, 2015

Testimony - Financial Barrenness Over After Repentance!

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“I used to be a member of another church. In February this year, God told me to start worshiping here; but I had some financial challenges.   Despite odds, I came to Winners’ Church. 

   On getting here, it was the Covenant Day of Fruitfulness. The Bishop while ministering said, ‘Every form of financial barrenness must leave you, as you make a U-turn to live right before God!’ These words hit me! So, I decided to repent of my sins and I gave my life to God. Also, I decided to be living right!
To the glory of God, that same week, a friend of mine paid a hundred thousand naira into my account! Now, financial barrenness is over in my life! God is faithful!”---

Hannah, O.