Monday, December 28, 2015

Testimony - A Job With Multinational Company With a Mega 7-digit Salary Via Mystery of Praise

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I returned to Nigeria in September 2015 after completing my masters’ degree at the university of Cape town, South Africa to re-unit with my wife and children. While back, I needed a miracle job, believing it is never late for the release of that portion of my Heaven on Earth prophetic package. I engaged whole-heatedly in the Operation Rescue Prophetic Agenda with my wife and followed up our new converts to the point of baptism. 

We keyed to Mrs Oluwabusolami A. A’s wonder-triple job testimonies reviewed at our WSF meeting. She submitted her CV to several organizations, and I did the same, she prayed round the Tabernacle and we also prayed and praise round the Tabernacle.

Just this Wednesday, at the Mid-week service, my father, The Bishop pleaded with us to engage in personal praise session when we get home that night for the fulfillment of prophecy. 

Despite tiredness after that service praise session, we praise God wildly at home and our heaven broke open the next day.

We got a job offer from a multinational company with a mega 7-digit salary at a choice location. Same day, another company called for another job offer and I started feeling important. Indeed, prophetic instruction works like magic. i give God all the glory. 

Serving God pays ---- 

Olaleye Olasunkanmi