Monday, July 6, 2015

Soul Winning Testimonies - Supernatural Healing Via Kingdom Oriented Prayers

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Heaven on earth greetings. 

After Shiloh I had a dream and I saw a white man telling me to listen to the Bishop early in the morning before I go to school. In March when the Covenant hour of prayer was declared I told my husband this is our platform for breakthrough. On the 14th of May, the Bishop said GOD will appear to us on the last day and engaging in kingdom prayers makes him appear. 

I had an operation in one my left foot 7yrs ago and since then I go through pains. Sometimes it’s difficult to wear shoes or walk in winter. While my husband and I were praying for the souls, I heard a noise like rocket at the same place and in the night I saw a white woman remove a pin and thread showing it to me. Till now I don't feel the pain again I can wear shoes I could not wear before. 

My husband sowed a transportation seed and God gave us our own debt free jeep last week. Indeed God is a prayer answering God to him I give all the glory to.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel blessing

Jesus is Lord!