Monday, July 6, 2015

Soul Winning Testimonies - Exemption From Shame and Failure Via Soul Winning

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Heaven on earth greetings. 

It all happened after an examination I wrote that out of 4 scripts to be submitted, I don’t know what happened and how it happened, I found the last script in my bag a day after the exam. I was afraid and scared. On taking it to my faculty I was accused of cheating and asked to fill a misconduct form which I filled. God performed the first miracle by making me to pass the course despite them refusing to mark the last script which was 40%.

 Then I was later called to defend myself in a panel, there they said I would be rusticated for two semesters that I should just wait for the letter which would come later. I engaged in seven days praise to God for this and this became my prayer point at the covenant hour of prayer always reminding God that he said that the happenings in my life this year will compel men to desire to follow me to serve my God and if I’m rusticated, no one will want to serve my God. This I constantly reminded God of until the midst of the year one night with the king where I told God that I will leave this issue and face his kingdom

I became addicted to soul winning and prayers for the kingdom, souls have been saved and established in this church by God through me. Lo and behold the list of students rusticated came out last week and I was supernaturally exempted. ----------------Dolapo O.