Monday, July 6, 2015

Soul Winning Testimonies - Got A Job Via Soul Winning

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Heaven on Earth!!! Brethren this is so real. God has confirmed his word that he is a pay master and not a task master. On Monday this week, I went out to apply for permanent jobs here in Finland and as I entered one company by name "RTK" I met a Vietnamese student also looking for work, I greeted her and as I realized that she is a new student, immediately I prayed in my mind and asked GOD to give me her soul and not the work. I quickly put on a JESUS smile that was so charming and she started admiring my smile and joy, the first place I took her to was the church and fortunately the resident pastor was around, I quickly told the girl that she can always come here to take free food every Monday and on Tuesday to learn Finnish language for free and she was very happy and before we left, she asked is this a church, I said yes and told her that she will meet wonderful people here and she will never be unhappy and she was very happy and was thanking me all the way. 

And just yesterday being Thursday I got a test message from another Company that they have found a job for me and were asking if I would be willing to start next week from 6am to 12noon.I will be going there today Friday to sign the contract and get instructions.

I have come to return all the glory to the GOD of Bishop David Oyedepo who is too faithful to fail.   Sister Joy