Thursday, December 24, 2015

Testimony - Healed Of Afflictions After Living Righteously!

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I'm a footballer.  I had been having pains in my legs. Because of the pains, I had not been playing matches in my club. I ran into a friend in Lagos, who worships here. He brought me to church.

In a service, the Bishop kept talking about righteousness. He said if we wanted to be healed of all ailments in our bodies, then we should start living righteously. I thought within me that I was probably not healed, because I was still doing things that I knew were wrong.    

Then I made up my mind to put all those things aside, to live righteously.

I was here yesterday and on my way home, I discovered that I was relieved of the pains. This morning, I tried out on road-walk!  I did a 10-kilometre road-walk and I discovered that all the pains were gone!"

Chike, P.