Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Testimony - Eye Sight Healed & Strange Movement Disappears!

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“I joined this Commission in 2003. Since then, I have been following the Bishop all the way. But I had a big problem. I wasn’t seeing very clearly, right from birth.  I could not read due to the eye problem. I had prayed and fasted, but all to no avail.

Last week, God told me, ‘Come to Canaan Land! There is something waiting for you!’  I obeyed!

Last Sunday morning, when the Bishop was ministering on sanctification, I did not pray for healing. I was talking to God about my sanctification. 

While the prayer was going on, I had a vision where the Bishop laid his hand on my eyes. In fact, I was totally transformed! My eyes can now see clearly! I can now read the smallest letters!

Secondly, there was this strange movement in my body, which tormented me. As the Bishop laid his hand on me, the strange movement disappeared! Praise the living God!” --- Solomon, U.