Tuesday, December 15, 2015


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"I started worshipping here last September. The problem I had with my work was what brought me here. I'm a block maker.  But since 1993, the business slumped. All I did to revamp it was to no avail. 

A friend invited me here, telling me that if I joined Winners' Chapel, I would be a winner. I decided to be a Winner and I came here. But all the while, I was still playing with sin. I came here, and the Bishop said whoever comes here and continues in sin would remain the same. I caught it and resolved from that day I would have nothing to do with sin again. 
I forgot all about sin and changed to the law in the Bible. I read Deuteronomy 28 and started studying it. I attended last month's anointing service, the one we had thrice. After the service, I went to my work place and anointed it. 

That very day, a friend came to me and said, `Mr. Laiwola, I brought this woman to you, for you to make blocks for her.' I asked how many she wanted and she said she needed about 3,000! The first miracle brought in 56,000 naira! Before I finished that one, another one came in and so it has been ever since. Now, I produce blocks everyday!" 

Olaiwola, G. A.