Tuesday, December 15, 2015


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I was a chain smoker and a drunkard for over 15 years. I have prayed and fasted to stop the habit but to no avail. Instead, I would stop for a while and start again. I lost my job and the girl I wanted to marry in 2008. I went to so many places, visiting many prayer houses, including leaders of the opposite religion, but instead of reducing it, I was going from beer to ogogoro (local gin), making me to look and behave very irresponsibly and making my wife and siblings to become objects of mockery.

I joined this Commission in July 2015 during Wonder Double Agenda when someone preached to me, and after the Believers’ Foundation Class and Water Baptism, I joined WOFBI (July Special). Engaged in kingdom advancement prayers and soul winning. 

During the WOFBI, I prayed and fasted and God Almighty answered and healed me. Since July till date, to the glory of God, I’ve not tasted any alcoholic drink or smoked anything smoke-able. I have come to return all the glory to God Almighty. 

Bro. Gilbert. I.M.