Thursday, December 24, 2015

Testimony - All Around Breakthroughs

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“I had been stagnated career-wise for long. I had been looking unto God to break this yoke in my life.  Also I had an abandoned project since 2008.

During one of the services, the Bishop said, ‘Sin is a provoker of stagnation in a sinner’s life.’ These words hit me! I searched myself and told God to have mercy on me.
After that, it wasn’t long when God visited me! In April, God made me a chartered accountant, and He revived the project I had abandoned since 2008.

Just last week, a promotion list was released at my place of work, and my name was number one. Also, in my category, only three of us were promoted nationwide.  I give God all the glory!” --- 

Rotimi, A.