Thursday, December 24, 2015

Testimony - No More Lying and Womanizing

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“I am an automobile electrician.  There is no way we would do any job without telling lies. We always inflated the prices of things bought. Also, 
 I was a womanizer.
Last Sunday, after hearing the message on holiness from the Bishop, I couldn’t get up from my seat to walk home. He said, ‘If you have all those useless things of the world in your house, throw them away.’ Also, he said, ‘If you are in a place where evil is done, but you don’t join them, you also partake in the curse that befalls them.’
On getting home, I gathered all the useless pornographic pictures in my house and tore them all. Then I said, ‘God, I need a change.  I want to live a holy life.’ So, I quit my place of work, where I used to lie and inflate prices of goods. As I started looking for another job, God showed up!

It wasn’t long when a relation of mine met me and said they had been looking for me for many days.  I told him I was no longer working, that I was looking for another job, because I wanted to live a holy life. He said plans have been concluded to buy me a new bus! We are going to collect the bus tomorrow. I thank God!”  — 

Ezekiel, S.