Monday, July 6, 2015

Soul Winning Testimonies - Total Restoration In The Midst of The Year Via Soul Winning

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I trade in electronics, but my business collapsed. I lost my shop and all my wares, my husband also lost his job. We came down to zero naira. I and my husband couldn’t pay our house rent of N 350,000, which had expired since February, 2015. The landlord threatened to throw us out of the house by the end of June, 2015. I tried to borrow the money for our house rent from my friends and neighbour, but they didn’t borrow me. I also applied for loans but couldn’t get any. Meanwhile, I sell sobo in my neighbourhood to feed my family.
Then I went to meet my close friend, who is a member of the Winners family and is also into the electronics business to borrow me money to pay my house rent, but she didn’t give me any money, instead she told me she will give me something that will always bring money for me. This friend of mine doesn’t hustle for business but she is always getting contracts/ supply. She is ever busy with evangelism; she gave me fliers, invited me to Canaan-land, fed me and gave me N1, 000 as transport fare.

I joined the winners’ family in the first week of June 2015, during this midst of the year season. I participated fully in the 7-day fasting and prayer programme and also went out to evangelize souls aggressively, for the first time in my life, I have never gone for evangelism before now. God gave me grace and opened my understanding, I was able to win a lot of souls, including Muslims. And God in return has been very faithful, blessing me in my sobo business. I make over N 5,000 profit weekly.

Then on Thursday, 2nd of July, 2015 someone called me to supply some electronics worth 3.5million naira. I transferred the money to my husband’s account, I have delivered the goods, I have paid my tithe, paid my pledge at the zonal center and I have also settled all my debts. God of Oyedepo has settled me here.JANE SIGNS &WONDERS (formerly called Mrs. Adijat)