Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pastor to Pastor - The Reality of Supernatural Supplies - Exodus 16:1 - 15

By Bishop David Oyedepo

Supernatural supply is real.  God has provided for others in the past.

1. I Will Rain Bread From Heaven - (Ex. 16:1-15). This was the Church that was purchased by the blood of bulls and rams.  HOW much more will He rain bread from heaven for them that are purchased by the blood of Jesus.
Heaven has an answer to the earthly hunger of men.
Bread from heaven not from uncles, brothers fathers, mothers, etc.
We're so attached to the other sources that we have missed the real source (Jer. 17:5-6)
The reality of Supernatural Supplies is all the way from Exodus.

2.  Arise And Eat - I King 19:1 - 8
At every wilderness there's something from heaven for you.  This time water came along with it.
At the point of death, heaven responded to Elijah.
As long as you are in a dare need, heaven will remain open.
Angels are heavenly messengers running errands on the earth for God.
The angel served Elijah complete menu.

3. Heaven Has Food Stuff In Store - I Kings 17:13-16 The Widow of Zarephath went through famine with smile (Psm. 33:18-19; 37:18-19). Three million supernaturally fed for so many years. God is still a supernatural supplier.
Don't expect to be consumed by needs, your supplier does not change not.

4. The Ravens Are Still At Work Today - I Kings 17:2-6
You  cannot starve when He sends you. The ravens are there awaiting your arrival.
By destiny we are not programmed to be stranded.
The first Church enjoyed Supernatural Supplies to a point that none among them lacked anything. Remember by strength shall no man prevail.
Except the Lord builds the house they labour in vain that builds it - Ps.127:1
I see God bringing you to your realm of rest!

5. Something In Your House - 2 Kings 4:1-7
It was empty vessels the widow was asked to borrow not oil.
Those who go borrowing have proved their lack of faith in Supernatural Supplies.
Every act of borrowing is a proof that you do not believe God for supplies.
She just dropped some oil in each vessel representing what she wanted and each one was filled up.
"Go sell the oil..."  it was marketable oil!
God is current!  He provides what can sell.
The oil will not stop as long as you have empty vessels.
Until the pot is empty the supplies will not come.
Hoarders are losers, but pourers will always win.
God is still a reliable, dependable supplier.

6.   God, a humorous supplier - 2 Kings 7:1
Your enemies' resources can be converted to meet your needs.
Elijah came offering a prophetic solution at a time of famine.
The world must know that we have access to supernatural supplies.
There was enough in the enemy's camp to solve the famine problem.
It was the Lord that made them flee, so the supplies came from Him.
You will never be stranded even if it means the Lord making your enemies to hear a noise.
God is still in the business of supplying for His people, you will never be stranded!
If it is God that has called you, you can lean on His supernatural supplies.

7. God's Unlimited Supplies - John 6:4
"He himself knew what He would do..."
Jesus had the facts!
"Make them sit down"
While the whole world is running halter-shelter, you will have seat. This is the Lord's command in time of need.
"As much as they would..."
God's supplies are unlimited!
"Over and above..."
Knowledge of Supernatural Supplies is your stronghold in time of famine.
If you don't have the knowledge of supernatural supplies, you will be stranded with ease.
The backbone of meeting your needs is living on supernatural supplies from heaven.

8. God is your source - Luke 10:1
Your supplies are not from any man.
Don't greet any man in a special way.
"...as they give..."
Your answer is not in the hand of men, so go not from house to house.
If you are not appointed, you will be disappointed.
"carry no purse..." He told the disciples because He is well able.

9. Trust God - (Ps. 125:1-3). It is our distrust in God that puts us down on the earth.  Go not from house for the labourer is worthy of his hire.  When you are on His commission, you are entitled to His provision.
There is nothing any man will give you that is equal to what God is giving you.
Your heavenly Father is bigger than any earthly man.
"Go not from house to house, salute no man on the way; or you will shut your heavenly supplier.

10.    When He Sends He Provides - Luke 22:35
They lacked nothing when He sent them.
If 'go' comes from Him you can't be lost on the way.
If you are in the vision He gave you, you will lack nothing.
Supernatural supplies are a reality.
All these facts will help to establish your faith that God has not changed and cannot fail.
Many servants of God have become servants of men and have therefore lost their status with God.
Borrowing to do the work of God is an insult to Him.
Did He tell you He doesn't have the means?
You either embrace Supernatural Supplies or you carry on with earthly struggles.
Make your choice!
God has said woe unto him that trusts in the arm of flesh - Jer. 17:5-8
God is too big to depend on man.
When He sends you, you don't lack anything.
We send you forth as eaglets, taking steps to become eagles,