Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Testimony - Supernatural Change of Story Via 21 Days Prayer & Fasting!

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   During the 21 days fasting and prayer in 2014, I told God to announce me to the world, and make me a global phenomenon. Indeed, God proved Himself. 

   I went to Ghana last year for my education and I stayed with my uncle. In a short while, without any reason, he told me to leave. Then, my coach accommodated and took care of me. I also wrote my pre-degree examinations and God saw me through. 

   In December 2014, during the Shiloh week, we had a Korean competition and I told God, ‘This is Shiloh week, that which you have promised me this year, may You fulfil it before the end of this year.’ To the glory of God, He gave me a gold medal, the best female player and a trip to Korea. Also, I will represent Ghana in the All African Gamesthis year in Congo. Furthermore, He gave me a scholarship to study in any university in the world. 

Praise the Lord!” ---

Adedapo Eunice