Monday, December 14, 2015

Testimony - Rescued from the Stronghold of the Devil; 13 Years Of Immorality

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“I grew up in a Godly home but got exposed to immorality at a very tender age. I was addicted to this habit for over 13 years. This became a stumbling block on my destiny, as I could not make any significant progress. As a result of this plague, I have been denied several promotions and successes.  

This habit killed my passion for God's Kingdom and quenched my love for Him. It killed my desire to succeed and exposed me to torments. Meanwhile, while in the University, I was full of zeal and an aggressive Prayer Leader of a prayer band. However, this was short-lived by my promiscuous lifestyle. My whole life did not make sense anymore. I attended several deliverance prayer meetings and sought diverse counsel to no avail.
My only prayer point was that God would deliver me from this wicked habits and spirit wife. Lo and behold, on June 1, 2015, I came to church for the second service after a night of immorality. During the service, the Bishop declared the Wonder-Double Agenda and the Midst of the Year Season. He prophesied that every everlasting mountain would be leveled and perpetual hills would be scattered. Immediately, the Word struck me. I knew my time of deliverance had come. I re-dedicated my life to Christ, engaged seriously in evangelism and also prayed for salvation of souls. 

By the grace of God, since June 1, 2015 till date, I have not engaged in any immoral act. The spirit of lust has vanished and the zeal for Christ has consumed me. Now, I am free. I give thanks to God for leveling the everlasting mountain of masturbation, pornography and lust in my life!”  
Mich, A