Friday, December 18, 2015

Testimony - Miracle Job Via Kingdom Prayers At Mid-Night And Personal Outreach

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I want to thank God for the privilege given me to be a partaker in the second phase of wonder double agenda tagged, Operation Rescue 2015.

I lost my job in the month of August 2015. During operation Rescue season. I believed God for a miracle job. Over 5 years now, I have never participated in any of outreach. 

During the operation rescue, I engaged fully in hours of kingdom prayers at mid-night and personal outreach during working hours distributing fliers and tracts like never before, I gave out over 100 tracts daily. 

When I exhausted the one with me, I walked into any of the zonal location to pick more. Still come back and joined the evening Raid. When the prophetic word went forth, “Let me engage you no employer will reject you.” Going out for the morning raid becomes my daily job. A company called me for interview, the following day the manager called me to join the interview panel to interview other people.  

On the 25th October, 2015,Papa declared that this week is our season of our rewards, I key into it. Today 29th October, I was called to pick up my offer letter. I give God all the glory.  

Samuel, I.