Tuesday, December 29, 2015


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I lost my job in June after working for 19 years. With our terminal benefits not yet paid, life became terribly tough for me and my family. All effort to get another job failed. 

On Wednesday, July 2015, in a Mid- week service, the bishop said some people were too cold to respond to activities in the church, including dancing. I then decided to dance my dance with all passion and energy in me during high praise session. So, I really had a wonderful ‘’double’’ dance. Just as we were about to sit down after the joyful praise, someone tapped my shoulder and said he wanted to see me immediately

When we got outside, he said a company asked him to find someone for them for the post of HR/Admin Manager, but he was finding it difficult to find such a person for a long time because of the qualities specified by the company, but when he saw me dancing, he remembered I might fit into the position. He asked me if I was interested and I said ‘yes’, so he got my C.V and sent it to the company. 

Two days later, he called me and said the company said they were not interested in C.V, but in talking with me, so I was scheduled to meet with the MD. 

During the covenant hour of prayer on 21st August, bishop said, ‘’today is the last working day of the week, something good will drop into your hand’’. On that day, the company called me and gave me my offer letter after two previous days of discussion, and I have since resumed with them. 

I return glory unto our God, The Restorer!