Saturday, December 19, 2015


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I want to thank God for delivering me from the plague of 23 years of masturbation. I did everything I could all these years to stop it, but I couldn't come out of it. My secret tears continued. Then I thought when I am married it will automatically stop, but rather grow worst in it after my marriage. It now done on me that it’s a spiritual problem that need spiritual solutions.

When the Wonder Double Agenda was declared, I didn't participate & my situation remained the same but I really desire an end to this.

However, I thank the God of second chance who came visiting with Operation Rescue 2015 Agenda to give me another chance for my change of story. I also thank God for The Bishop who drive us so hard to ensure everyone experience a change of story, so I determine never to allow this season passed me by.

When the Operation Rescue 2015 was declared, I participated passionately in Kingdom focus prayers & reaching out to souls daily. I began with the 30mins prayer per day as the Bishop instructed, gradually I get to the level of praying kingdom focus prayers 2 hours daily forgetting my needs, obeying every instruction from Papa & my spiritual life began to take a new turn.  

 As I continued on Operation Rescue fully, I attend covenant hour of prayers daily and never missed any service, my mind and all my being began to align with the word of God as I meditate on those words daily, before I knew it my thought pattern changed. 

And now God has totally delivered me from the spirit of lust and restored me back into His kingdom. It really pays to serve God.Praise God I am free at last. 
Paul A. Omokagbo
Jesus is Lord!