Monday, April 27, 2015

The Testimony of The Mandate - Celebrating 34 Years Of The Mandate Given To Bishop David Oyedepo On 1st and 2nd May 1981

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Come and celebrate with us, as the Liberation Mandate, the vision that gave birth to the Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners’ Chapel International and all its affiliates such as: Word of Faith Bible Institute, Kingdom Heritage and Faith Academy group of Schools, Covenant University, Landmark University among others, clocks 34 this week.
To the glory of God, the following has been our testimony as a Commission:

§  34 years of sweetless triumph.
§  34 years of ever-increasing revelations.
§  34 years of growing impact.
§  34 years of crisis-free Ministry
§  34 years of ever-increasing growth
§  34 years of unending supplies
§  34 years of diverse miracles, signs and wonders
§  34 years of undeniable proofs in all aspects of the Ministry.
§  34 years of no setbacks
§  34 years of grace and glory

Come and partake in the re-enactment of the Liberation Mandate, as all of the above becomes your personal experience in this prophetic service because God shall be revalidating the Mandate through diverse impartations, miracles, signs and wonders.
To God alone be all the glory!

Jesus is Lord!
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