Friday, December 14, 2012

Wonders Of The Spoken Words - Pastor Adeboye

Pst E, A., Adeboye Text:  Isaiah 55 v 10-11

This word can bring order out of confusion according to Mark 4 v 31- 41.
The word has to be spoken before it becomes effective.

The moment it is spoken it can no longer be erased or recalled until it has accomplished the purpose for which It  is sent. 

The word can transform darkness to light and it can also turn emptiness to fullness.
Conditions you must satisfied so that your spoken word will become effective:

1  Acquaint yourself with the Almighty God
2. Be at peace with God; surrender to God completely
3. Lay up God's word in your heart.
4. Pay your vows.

  1. Praise God because His word has already gone out to you and it will not return to Him void.
  2. Father according to Exodus 15 i can enjoin divine health if I hearken diligently to your word and obey. I will hearken diligently to your word and obey. I hereby decree that from now on, I will enjoin divine health.
  3.  Father, according to Psalm 23 v 6 if i dwell permanently with you; goodness and mercy shall follow me. I hereby decree because I will dwell permanently, that Goodness and mercy shall be mine all the days of my life.
  4. Father, according to Psalm 91 because I am going to dwell with you no evil shall come near me, I hereby decree because i am going to dwell permanently with you, evil will never come near my dwelling place again.
  5. Father, according to Psalm 118 v 17 because I will witness, I will tell people about your good works, I hereby decree I shall live, I shall not die.
  6. Father, according to John 15 v 16 if I am constantly winning souls for you all my prayers will be answered, I hereby decree that from now on before I call God please answer.
  7. Personal prayer request.