Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blowing Your Own Trumpet By Personal Branding

Winners’ Chapel International – Meru
Professionals Meeting – Sunday 8th July 2012 – Royal Hotel

·  Personal Branding is a must for any one with a big dream.
·  Personal branding project the image you want to be associated with.
·  It is a tool for personal marketing. A tool for personal growth

Tips Towards Personal Branding.
1. Punctuality – Time Management
-Demonstrate respect for people by respecting their time.
-There is little respect for people who do not keep time; they are unreliable and weak brands.
-Not keeping time can be offensive to a person or certain cultures, and it can cost you meaningful relationships.

2. Passion

-If you are a sweeper, sweep exceptionally.
-If you teach, teach with a passion.
-Be passionate about what you do.
-Show up on time and passionately deliver your services.

3. Provide X-tra Ordinary Service

-Promise what you can deliver, and deliver more that you promise.
-Be reliable to your customers and team.

4. Package Your Self A New Constantly

-Think globally act locally.
-Maximize available technology for your operations.

5. Pass The Painter Test

-A painter who is paid on a daily rate does not habitually miss work or exceed a deadline.
-A painter who does a shoddy work cannot be recommended.

6. Power

-Exercise power that is far beyond what is vested in your employment. Assume more power than people thought you deserve. It is easier to adjust downward than upward.
-Demonstrate the virtue of your human ingenuity and authority.
-Take appropriate action. Powerlessness is indeed a state of mind.
-You have probably noticed that people who joint an organization and demand to change the carpet in their office, walk with an element of “pride”, demand their rights etc are most often the people who perform well in their positions.

7. Personal Morality and Credibility

-This is the highest form of authority, it gives you access to people and places that formal authority may not.
-Credibility comes from trust.
-Bribe kills your self-confidence and self-worth no matter what your reputation.

8. Promote Yourself – Market Yourself – Blow your Own Trumpet

-This can be a constant source of information and communication.
-It will give brand visibility.

9. "Future Proof" Yourself By Upgrading Your Skills

-Wherever you are, there is a place called forward. A place called growth. A place called profit. Learn to grow. Learn to upgrade.
-Read voraciously. Read variety of materials.
-Anticipate the future. Position yourself for the future. Future proof yourself.