Monday, May 28, 2012

Winning The War Against Poverty By Overcoming The Spirit Of Debts

Debt is a spirit.
That is why its in the lords prayer - Matthew 6:12 - And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

Debt is a tyranny that robs people sleep, sanity and self esteem.

Debt is a major cause of stagnation

What Is Debt
  1. Spending your tomorrow’s income today (buying freedom today, and slavery tomorrow)
  2. Living beyond your means (Providing both the necessary and the unnecessary)
  3. Biting more than you can chew
  4. Spending beyond your capacity due to personal craving. (untamed desire)

What Attracts People To Enter Into Debts?
1.     Judging God too slow in financing your programs.
2.     Inability to tame “hunger” by seeing lack as a permanent thing.
3.     Media Adverts – perfumes, drinks, hotels etc
4.     Daily Newspapers adverts – Laptops, watches, plots etc
5.     House to house sales – Cooking utensils, carpets, curtains etc
6.     Offices to office sales – Italian shoes, Dubai Handbags, Rolex watches etc

What Happens To People In Debts
1.     The Pain of Debts
- Pain because debts takes you to the negative (the minus)
- Pain because you become a slave to the lender
Proverbs 22:7 - The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. (Servants have no power. Their will is secondary)

- Pain because of Harassment from the lender (
Name Calling “Borrow Borrow”)
Proverbs 18:23 -
23 The poor useth intreaties; but the rich answereth roughly. (KJV)
The poor man makes requests for grace, but the man of wealth gives a rough answer. (BBE)

- Pain brought by lose of friends
Proverbs 19:4 - Wealth maketh many friends; but the poor is separated from his neighbour
Proverbs 19:7 - All the brethren of the poor do hate him: how much more do his friends go far from him? he pursueth them with words, yet they are wanting to him.

2.     The Curse Of Poverty - Pain graduate to a curse
Deuteronomy 28:44 -  He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail.

- Curse is a limitation (Like a cockroach in a bottle)
- Curse is a yoke (meant to restrict your movement)

3.     Spirit of Debts (Pain graduate to a curse and a curse graduate to a spirit)
- At this stage, you are bound by some spiritual forces to a permanent cycle of debts.
You borrow B to pay A and borrow C to pay B etc

If you were to read the mind of a lender, you would never borrow.
He has a list of things to do with his money. He lend to you not because he loves you but because of necessity (Either your necessity or his)

  1. Debts can be paid 100%
  2. Debts can be paid by installments
  3. Debts can be cancelled supernaturally (2 kings 4:1 – 7)
    2 Kings 4:7 - Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, Go, sell the oil, and pay thy debt, and live thou and thy children of the rest.